About The Credit Valley Conservation

Credit Valley Conservation is more than 60 years old. It has been formed to keep a big-picture view of the natural, environmental and other resources located within the Greater Ontario area.

Credit River Valley

It covers a very large space that is touched upon and impacted by the Credit River Valley. Its role has grown through the years as we have become more and more aware of the environmental consequences of any development as well as management plans for the river.
The River Valley impacts many aspects of our lives and that’s why Credit Valley Cons is very vigilant regarding any local, municipal or region-wide policies that may have both immediate or intermediate or even long-term effects on the environment. We would rather be safe than sorry, and this is why we are very vigilant regarding any applications, planned moves as well as plans.
This does not make us anti-progress. We want to be clear about that. Instead, this makes us pro-environment and pro-people. There is a big difference. Sometimes, people think that they are being benefited but the benefit lasts a very short period of time. Sadly, there is a high price to pay as far as mother-nature, the environment and other natural resources are concerned for such a shortsighted or short-term view.
We take the long view. We don’t focus on just what’s going on or what could go on two years from now, five years from now or even a decade from now. Instead, we look at the logical working out of any policy for decades and we also pay attention to how reversible these effects are. While there are a lot of policy considerations now that may seem to benefit a lot of people, when you look at the great timeline and the fact that the impact of these decisions may not be reversible, it is quite a sobering realization.

It is also a realization that oftentimes, organizations like Credit Valley Conservation need to step up against seemingly popular initiatives. But we’d rather protect the environment than be popular. If popularity is the price that we have to pay to ensure that we live by our mandate, then that’s a small price to pay. We would gladly pay it over and over again.
Ultimately, we want the Credit River Valley greater area to provide continuous enjoyment not just for this generation and the next but long, long into the future. This may mean a very stringent view of all sorts of development plans but again, that is a small price to pay for a great future. We all deserve clean air, clean water and a healthy land. And all these are in play when it comes to any kind of development or management plan for the Greater Ontario River basin area within the Credit River Valley.
Please join us in our advocacy because this is for all Ontarians. In fact, of you think about it and you realize the far reach of local decisions as far as Canadian environmental health are concerned, you can quickly see that this is not just an issue that involves the Credit Valley River area. Instead, it goes beyond Ontario, it goes beyond Canada and it goes far beyond the boundaries of North America. That’s how consequential environmental decisions are and that’s why we adopt the policies that we do. We’d like you to join us in our advocacies because this is for all of us.