The Credit Valley Conservation website is, obviously, a work in progress.

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You can tell by clicking through the pages here that we have really tried our best to make sure that all pieces of information are where they are supposed to be. We have also made sure that as much as possible when you click from one page to the next, that you would not get a 404 or missing content error. However, we are a fairly small organization and there is really no such thing as a perfect website. You probably already know this.

Just in case that you stumble upon a page that doesn’t work properly or doesn’t load properly, do let us know. We take such reports very seriously and we will make sure to employ best efforts to take care of these issues as they are reported. While we cannot promise that any missing pages would start appearing or such links would be fixed within a very short period of time, you can bet that they will be taken care of as our resources allow.

Send Us Your Resources

Another issue that we need your help with involves conservation resources. There are many conservation resources available online involving air, water, land and natural resource conservation. As long as the resource that you are aware of has anything to do directly or indirectly with these topics, do let us know. We’d love to publish the links to such materials on our website because we want our site to be a resource, not just for people living in the Greater Ontario area or even in the Credit Valley Conservation River shed or River Valley area.
Instead, we believe that we are part of a greater environmental community where people all over the world who truly love and have a sincere concern for the environment can draw and exchange resources from each other. Information is the most important resource when it comes to preserving mother nature. We want to ensure that whatever blessings that we get from mother nature today will be passed on to the next generation and the generation after that for a long, long time to come.
We believe that Credit Valley Conservation is just our small contribution to that great project. Do your part by sharing all the information you can find on the internet that has something to do with any of our advocacies. To repeat, we are interested in land, water, air and natural resource conservation. If you’ve come across any high-quality resource regardless of the organization, company or private individual behind it, please pass it along. We’ll review all these materials and if they fit with our advocacies and our editorial policies, we would be sure to publish them.

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    Do us a big favor and spread the word regarding Credit Valley Cons. Environmentalism is a very hot political topic. Some would argue that it’s a hot political potato. We understand that. A lot of people would rather shrink away from the debate. A lot of people would rather turn a blind eye to the controversy, but we can’t. We need to take a long hard look and keep a laser focus on the environmental issues that we face and that we are statutorily in-charge of. Otherwise, we would be neglecting our duties and most importantly, we would be neglecting our charge.
    Our charge is to help preserve mother nature in the Greater Ontario area through sound policies that govern the Credit River Valley basin. Other than that, if we do anything short of that, we would not be living up to our legislated mission. Help us in making this happen by sending us your ideas, sending us your comments and spreading the word regarding our website. There are many people who are under all sorts of misconceptions and misunderstanding regarding what it is that we do. Help us out by spreading the word or sharing our link on your Facebook wall.
    Whatever small act of promotion you can make for this website would be a big deal to us. Let’s get the word out because we need all hands on deck when it comes to protecting mother nature.