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    Credit Valley Conservation has been around since 13th of May 1954. In our 60 plus years of existence, we have been helping municipal entities as well as local planning authorities in the Credit Valley region of the Greater Ontario area with important decisions and policy directions regarding important issues.

  • Making impact decisions

    Which issues are these? The Credit Valley Conservation area impacts decisions involving handling natural resources, proper assessment, restoration, development, and of course, conservation.

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You can consider the Credit Valley Conservation group a quasi-official body

We are aCommunity-Based Group

You can consider the Credit Valley Conservation group a quasi-official body. While we do have an enabling legislation passed by the government of the province of Ontario, we are at our roots, a community-based group. We need your feedback. We are your voice when it comes to important conservation issues involving the Greater Ontario basin.
Please understand that there’s a lot of natural resources to be managed in this greater regional area. A little bit of planning goes a long way. We are proud to be part of more than 36 different independent conservation units covering the Greater Ontario area. As you can tell from the multitude of such units, whether private or public, the issues that we cover are very important. They impact the land we live on, the food that we eat which we grow on the land, the water that we drink, and of course, the air that we breathe.

Conservation is not an easy to segment and compartmentalize concept

  • Holistic understanding

    In fact, the environment and all its consequences as well as the factors feeding into it or being affected by it touch upon all areas of life. The environment applies across the board. We operate based on such a holistic understanding and that’s why all our policy recommendations, objections and guidelines as well as white papers and policy papers issued throughout the years have one thing in common: protecting the environment for the good of all.

  • Works like a Balloon

    The interesting thing about any kind of environmental ecosystem is that it works like a balloon. When was the last time you held a balloon in your hand? Have you tried pushing on a side of the balloon? What happens when you try to do that? That’s right. Another side would swell. The big challenge, however, is to determine which side will swell predictably. The same applies to the environment.
    You might think that these companies and private individuals as well as government units that have environmental plans have done a great job spelling everything out as far as their plans are concerned. However, it often turns out that there are lots of unintended consequences. This is what we focus on. We look at the big picture. We don’t just look at who stands to gain and the values created but we look way down the road. We’re not just looking at five years down the road. We’re also taking a good look at what can happen 10 years, 20 years or several decades from now.

  • EnvironmentalFragility

    Mother nature is too fragile, too important and too consequential. This is why we cannot take a more lenient view. This is why we cannot let our guard down. While we do believe in development, it has to be balanced with intended as well as unintended consequences. It is within this framework that our advocacy as well as our laser focus on protecting the national and regional interests regarding environmental resources is placed.

This doesn’t make our organization predictable by no stretch of the imagination

We take no sides

  • No pros, and cons

    We’re neither probusiness nor antibusiness. We’re neither pro-residents or anti-residents. For that matter, we’re neither pro-government or anti-government. Throughout all this time, our number one advocacy is whether environmental policies, whether on a small scale or large overarching scale, truly benefits the greatest amount or people, preserves the environment and is still a sustainable policy not just two years from now, not just five years from now, but long into the future.

  • The long-term impact

    That’s the kind of charge we have set for ourselves and believe us, it hasn’t been easy. Because it’s very easy for interest groups to focus on what’s in it for them. It’s very easy for them to look at how they would be benefited to the exclusion of everybody else. Also, it’s very easy for other well-meaning people and organizations to look at beneficial effects two years going forward. But they fail to realize that the long-term impact may not be as positive.

  • Go beyond

    It is our job to go beyond that self-interest. It is our job to look at the big picture not just as it exists now and next year but many, many years from now. We are firm believers in the fact that if any decision made now, regardless of how seemingly small, can have an outsized consequential impact on our future. And the worst part to all of this is those decisions, while they can be rolled back at some point in the future, might put us in a situation where it’s too little too late. It’s much better to avoid headaches now rather than to try to live with the negative consequences of such bad decisions.

  • Stepping toes

    Of course, this can step on many toes. This can rub many people the wrong way. We understand what’s at stake, but we also understand that the interests that we are championing go beyond the specific narrow interest of any group. Sometimes it even goes beyond the interests of the majority.

  • Committed to protect

    We are firmly committed to protecting the environment so that it continues to provide enjoyment, beauty and sustenance for all. And this is why we often end up with unpopular or heavily misunderstood policy positions. But we’d rather look at the big picture for all time rather than bowing to popular pressure or give in to temptation of popular appeal. This goes beyond any group of people at any one time. This is for all of us.

We hope you understand and we hope you would join us in this very important advocacy.

Help us spread the word about the value and importance of conservation to all people living within and outside the Ontario Valley region.

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The interesting thing about smoking, eating or ingesting any kind of substance is that there is an interplay between the chemical material you are taking in and what you think about the process. Believe it or not, your mindset counts for a lot. A lot of people don’t believe this. They think that their whole experiences and lives are essentially just inputs. That’s all there is to their life, at least according to these people.

They think that if you want to be happy, you have to have a certain income, you have to come from a certain background, you have to work at a certain job, you have to live at a certain place, on and on and on. They think that it’s all external that the environment, eventually, makes up who you are.

As you can probably already tell, if you have done any kind of living on this planet, this is not absolutely true. There are lots of people from the so called “right background” who have enough money in the bank and so on and so forth who are completely unhappy. In fact, they are so unhappy that there are a lot of millionaires, believe it or not, who commit suicide.

It’s not the external inputs that count as much as what you think of those external inputs. There’s a nice give and take between internal and external factors. Never ever underestimate the power of internal factors. How you perceive your situation is often just as important as the kind of situation you find yourself in.

Believe it or not, there are many people in places that would objectively be miserable, but they’re not. They’re happy, content and they have moved on with their lives. By obsessing about external inputs, don’t be surprised if you are just setting yourself up to be miserable, unhappy and frustrated.

I raise this issue because people are ingesting all sorts vape juices and a lot of people are under the impression that they’re pretty much one and the same. The only difference really is the flavor. Well, you might want to rethink that position. You have to understand that you read into your vape liquids or any other thing that you ingest all sorts of meaning.

Keep this in mind if you’re trying to focus, if you have some big project you have in front of you or you’re trying to achieve some sort of goal. What you choose to focus on can be helped tremendously by your inputs.

Again, it has nothing to do with the input per se in terms of biochemical reality. Instead, your attitude is crucial because if you use premium vape juice like ejuice depot that you think are relaxing or boosts your motivation levels, don’t be surprised if you are able to do more and you’re able to focus on a long term victory.

On the other hand, if you think that your vape liquids simply increase your stimulation and stress you out, don’t be surprised if that is your frame of mind. Let’s put it this way, you need the right props to get your mind at the right place. So if you know that you have a certain preference for certain things you ingest, stick with those so you can get to where your mind needs to be for you to perform what you need to perform.

It doesn’t really get any simpler than that. So, look at vape liquids as yet another set of inputs that can help you get your mind to where it is. Please understand that there’s nothing magical about vape liquids. This is not some sort of external input type of fury. They’re just as good as everything else. The only difference is how you read them or your impression of them and this has a very real effect on how you perform.